Non-free firmware, drivers, codecs, etc


I posted something similar to this earlier, more questions than comments really. In Ubuntu, they have over 100 (that I know of) non-free drivers, codecs, etc built into their OS. (Gstreamer being a great example) Is there ANY non-free stuff in openSUSE that would otherwise go unnoticed by a novice like myself?


All codecs and such are provided by the packman repository.

So, some readings for you : Additional package repositories - openSUSE

Yes but is anything installed with openSUSE from the packman repository on the initial installation?

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Yes but is anything installed with openSUSE from the packman repository on the initial installation?[/QUOTE]

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On Mon, 2011-04-18 at 22:06 +0000, Mazate wrote:
> Yes but is anything installed with openSUSE from the packman repository
> on the initial installation?
Only these ones are available via non-oss

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No there is not.

A big difference between Ubuntu and openSUSE is in the case of openSUSE it packaged by SuSE-GmbH owned by Novell, which is a corporation with a substantial amount of money in the bank, ripe for a law suit. But if any one were to sue Canonical (for Ubuntu) they would be wasting their time as they won’t get any money in return, as Canonical is still operating at a loss (and has been doing so for years). Hence a law suit against Canonical would garner no money.

Hence SuSE-GmbH/Novell are not going to risk a law suit, as they are a target for such. Maybe that will change with the acquisition of Novell and SuSE-GmbH and maybe not. But for now, the only ‘non-free’ packages one will see in openSUSE are those in the non-oss repository, and that repository does not include non-free firmware, nor non-free drivers, nor non-free codecs.

An (other) difference may (also) be the seat (and existence) of the juristic personalities involved:

Ubuntu -> Ubuntu Foundation (seat?) -> Canonical Ltd. - Registered seat: Douglas, Isle of Man (British Crown Dependency)

openSUSE -> openSUSE Community (jet without any specified juristic personality) -> Novell Inc. - Registered seat: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

  • You may archive more information/a raw overview on (links given on):

Software patent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Software patent codecs - Google Search

Software patent USA - Google Search

Software patent Europe - Google Search

Software patent Isle of Man - Google Search

But you may be also interested in:

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Have a lot of fun!