Non-Confidence Petition

Could someone explain to me what this vote is supposed to be about? (No, the link in the bottom doesn’t actually explain anything, just random blah blah with no explanation to what actually is goign on)

To be honest, why do we even have a board in a project like this? What do they do because I haven’t really noticed anything, except post things on the project mailing list where only a room full of people (and it’s a small room) read or write.

We have a board because, someone within the openSUSE community has to collect the opinions of the members and manage the issues which arise from those opinions.

We also need, a reliable interface to the company which pays the power bill and ISP fees for the openSUSE servers.

It all starts here: [opensuse-project] Call for a No-Confidence Vote - Re-Election of the openSUSE board - openSUSE Project - openSUSE Mailing Lists

It all seems a bit weird.

As I read the email about voting, it looks as if the only way to not support a recall is to not vote at all on the issue.

Yes, no vote means you don’t support the proposal.

Yes I read the links but honestly, I still don’t understand what we are really voting for since there’s no real hard timeline of things that were said or done.

Honestly, it all sounds like a lot of senseless and useless internet drama.

That sums up what it looks like from here.

Could someone clarify the issue by providing readable evidence?

It looks as if that might not happen. Anyone who tries to explain the situation to us will be accused of taking sides.

It looks as if we just have to participate in the vote. And it looks as if the way to participate in the vote is to make sure that we do not participate in the vote.

Oh, and up is down, east is west, etc.

Yes, if you participate in voting (abstain means not voting ie happy with the Board) and that voting reaches a threshold of => 20% of openSUSE Membership, then there will be another vote to decide if the membership wishes to remove the current board members… A vote to decide if there will be another vote…

Yes, this looks very much like politics. And as politics is a strickt taboo subject on these forums …

I understand general politics being a problem but this is still openSUSE related, especially since all members got mail about this.

I was wondering what the hell are we even voting about.

I understand you completely. My post was a sort of bitter disaproval of the situation.

All what I see is technical explanations on how voting works, but nothing about what to vote for or against. I understand that someone will come back and say Yes when you vote for and No when you vote against. But people want to see arguments from both sides why they should vote for or against.

But for me this is all pure academic theory. I a did not get a mail, I seem not to be a member. And I guess that is better in the current situation (looks a bit like “I do not want to be a member of an organisation that allows me to become a member”).

Yes, I imagine many forum members will keep their distance from any petition that they do not understand and it helps not to be a member in such a situation IMHO.

Being a member of this Forum, does not mean that, you’re an openSUSE Member …

  • Only openSUSE Members are allowed to take part in the petition – members of this Forum, who are not openSUSE Members, will not be able to participate in the petition …

[HR][/HR]Yes, there’s a special class of openSUSE users who are “Members” – people who are members of this Form are not automatically members of that special class of openSUSE users …

Yes, we know that.

Correct, and I am such a member…but I will still not be voting for something I do not understand. Simple as that.