Noisy fan, graphic cards


I have installed Leap 42.2 on my Asus VivoBook Pro N552VX laptop, which has two graphic cards: (1) NVIDIA GTX950M, and (2) Intel HD graphics 530. After installing Leap, the fan of the NVIDIA card was very noisy. I had to disable drivers for NVIDIA gpu by blacklisting nouveau drivers. (Installing the propriety the drivers from NVIDIA site did not help. I got only blank screen after installing the drivers.)

Disabling the nouveau did help. There is no more noise. Display is very good at the expected resolution (1920x1080). My question is whether I had disabled NVIDIA gpu by disabling nouveau?

I also wonder whether openSuse Leap uses my Intel HD graphics 530 when nouveau is disabled? I can see from Yast2 → Hardware Information that both graphic cards are listed. How can I check which card is in use? What are the drivers for the intel graphic card?

There is no more noise. I am worried that my NVIDIA card is in use and that it can be overheated. I want to be absolute sure that NVIDIA is not in use, so that the other card can be in use.

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You have hybrid graphics (Optimus) so you need bumblebee. First uninstall NVIDIA drivers they don’t work in this case then follow instructions here

Thanks for your reply.

How do I uninstall NVIDIA? You said “follow instructions here.” Where is this “here”? :slight_smile:


I installed bumblebee by following the instructions “SDB:NVIDIA Bumblebee” and “Thread: how to turn off nvidia graphic card”, but after installing bumblebee and running the command

systemctl enable bumblebeed
the noise of the fan has returned!

Why is bumblebee necessary if I have blacklisted nouveau drivers? I simply do not want NVIDIA gpu to be active. Would not blacklisting nouveau be sufficient step? I noticed that the fan was much more silent after blacklisting nouveau. Moreover, I had encountered blank screens and rebooting problems before blacklisting nouveau, and that the blacklisting of nouveau solved those problems. Why would bumblebee help here? Problems rather reemerged after installing bumblebee.

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Don’t black list unless you are using nvidia-bumblebee and you really should not need to since the package will do that

nouveau is the open source driver either it or the nvidia-bumblebee need to be install or you can’t control the NVIDIA chip. On some hardware you can turn off one or the other of the GPU in the BIOS (UEFI)

By default the Intel chip should be on the NVIDIA off unless you switch it on

Sorry about the URL I thought I’d pasted it but you found it anyway follow those instruction but first reverse everything you did. it is all wrong. You must get rid of teh regulare NVIDA drive if not it may leave behind things that break bumblebee driver

Optimus is a pain but can be made to work