after no success in the Installation section of the forum, I try again here…
I have recently upgraded from 13.2 to Tumbleweed.
First of all, the computer response is now really slow, but that is not the most annying issue.
I have noise coming out of my speakers, if anything happens in the computer. That means, If I move the mouse or scroll a page, I can hear buzzing sounds in the speakers, If the harddisk starts, I can hear piping in the speakers, if the CPU has a load, I can here noise in the speakers. and so on.
Has anybody a hint, or similar behavior?

Try to turn down the master volume.

I experience similar problems here (since years) if I pump up the master volume to the max…

Could also be a sensitive microphone…?

OK, I tried already turning down the volume… the noise just got a little less noisier but is still there.
I can only say, that I have had OpenSuSE on my system since V 5 and never had the problem. It only manifests itselve after the Tumbleweed upgrade.

As i only have the logitech webcam installed, and even if that volume is turned off completely, there is still the noise from the system. It does feel more as if there is suddenly digital interference on the sound chip (onboard Intel HD Audio). again, it only occured after upgrade to Tumbleweed, so it should be a sound service issue…

Is your PC electrical power plug a 3-pronged or two pronged plug ?

If two pronged this could be a grounding issue. In which case simply reverse the plug 180-deg.

just normal 3 connectors including ground.

Where you plug the computer in - does your apartment/house have good grounding ?

I’m not saying this is 100% certain the cause - but I have seen a few cases where the exact same symptoms you describe were a grounding issue (ie hardware). One way to eliminate this possibility is to test the same in a different Operating System. Is openSUSE the only OS you have on this PC ? Did 13.2 have the same problem ?

I dare say that it is no grounding issue. my house has at least three individual grounding anchors;):wink:
And no, I did nothave the problem with 13.2 or 11 or 9 or all the versions before.
on this machine , I have at least run 11.4 and 13.2 without the noise. it is only after upgrading to tumbleweed when it started.

After the latest updates, the noise has disappeared but now I have screen flickering during scrolling. Which somehow does affirm me, that it is not a hardware problem, but a Tumbleweed problem. Only that the moderator of the software forum pushed me out to the hardware section…rotfl!
It seems, that there is no other option than just live with all the annoyance and wait until the updates have resolved the issues…
thanky for your feedback anyhow.