no wireless with suse 11 and broadcom 4318:( HELP!!!!

I know this is a repetitive question, but for the past week I have tried in many different ways and many hours to get wireless internet to work with my acer 5021 laptop. The card is broadcom 4318. The system seems to know there is this card there, but won’t let me configure it, I guess. I have tried using the b43xx, and have also tried using ndiswrapper, but when i try to modprob, it won’t do it.
Also, I don’t seem to have the category of “network devices” under suse, only network settings. When i go to the panel for network settings, i get the name of the broadcom and my ethernet card, but then I am at a total loss as to what to fill in and how. Please, if someone can kindly take time out and write step by step instructions from A - Z and walk me through it like the 2-year old I am, that would be terrific. (including things that are required for all these other strange terms such as ESSID, SSID, MAC, etc.
I know, a lot to ask, and for many people who are programmer-level in linux, you’ll throw up your arms in disgust at people like me, but I am trying to move into linux so that I can get rid of that ‘other’ operating system. I just wish I had the time and technical expertise to do it all myself, but can’t, so, please…

have you read the stickies at the start of this section ? near the bottom is a suggestion from LarryFinger which works with most broadcom 43xx chip-sets. if you can’t find it here it is:

make sure you are wired first,open a console & copy/paste this line, then press enter

sudo /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware 

once done,you should then go to YaST - network devices - network settings & put in the rest of the connection settings


deltaflyer44 had given the right steps.

But if you need more detailed explanation check this article

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