No warming here

Snowing for 2 weeks in the Rocky Mt. North West. Driveway with 4’ and 6’ drifts, the road into town 2’ level snow. The ski area has severe conditions, closed. The temp outside a warm -10. Doors blocked with snow but the garage door opens to 4’drifts, the pickup made it out for a grocery run, survival by 4x4. :wink:

Hey oilpaint:

> The ski area has severe
> conditions, closed.

Dang…hate it when that happens! Had about 2 feet of snow here on the
ground at my house (Utah, lower altitudes) Christmas week. Ski resorts
love it and want more like last year. Currently they have as high as
70 inches of snow. By Feb it will be over 100:

Kim (1/2/2009 2:32:19 PM Mountain)

Well we have practically no snow here 100 km west of Stockholm.
Quite strange as we normally have at least a couple of feet.
However it is cold It’s -13 C (8 F) right now and -15 C (5 F) this morning brr


I don’t envy you at all.