No sound |-(

Hello All,

Recently, my motherboard failed…died.
I had the same motherboard + processor in a spare computer and
switched that motherboard with the broken one. I did nothing else.
I started my main computer again with only suse 11.4 on it.

It worked and the computer booted. But now the on board sound isn’t working.
Is this because of the motherboard switch or is it really broken?
The graphics card is still the same.

Where can I look for errors in the logging and what logfile should report such an error?
If it is from the motherboard switch, can I repair it?



Sorry about this thread.

I solved it myself.

I removed the inboard sound card in Yast.
It was still being found by Yast and was now unconfigured.
Rebooted and now edited the unconfigured card Yast asked me to automatically to configure the card.
Did the fast configure option.
Let Yast play a test sound and it worked!
Set te sound preferences to the new configured card and now sound is as it was used to be.

Again, sorry for this thread.



glad to read its working now.

thanks for sharing your solution.