No sound output from Amarok

I’ve installed all codecs according to the multimedia guide, did the package switch to Packman and still no sound from Amarok.

Songs appear to be playing but no music plays.

I can hear my music files with Enqueue in SMPlayer, VLC, Gnome Mplayer, Kaffeine, Mplayer, and SMPlayer.

Running OpenSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.4.1, Amarok 2.3

Are we talking mp3? Other?

Yes, mp3 files.

I can’t really think of a reason why it will not work for you, especially considering you have success with all the other apps.
I see you are experienced from your sig. So I’m confident you haven’t overlooked anything obvious.
You are using amarok from the factory repo and not backports aren’t you?

That’s how I usually get stuck with Amarok. Haven’t tried it with other apps though, and I have since overwritten my openSUSE disk.

So what you using now?

Strange because in all the years, never yet had a problem with amarok

Yes it’s from the 11.2 Factory repo.

I’m going to check over at KDE forums and see if I can find anything.

It’s good that I can play my mp3’s but I like Amarok.

You could go through RedDwarf’s 10 step. Just in case.

Like I said, I overwrote the disk. I’m a distro-hopper and currently I’m using Ubuntu as my “stable” (I mean, it has held the same distro for a MONTH now! That’s stable!) distro but looking at doing a shift-around so as to get openSUSE back on one of my laptop’s hard drives and possibly server.

In Gnome, Rythmbox is actually doing pretty well and it’s very easy to add Fluendo to Gstreamer for MP3 playback.

I was planning on doing that after checking KDE forums.

There’s some good people over there too.

I’ll post back with the results, good or bad.



Reinstalled Amarok, still didn’t work, deleted .kde4/share/apps/amarok/, and all the Amarok config files in .kde4/share/config/ restarted Amarok and now everything is working.

Thanks for the replies.


Which backend do you use. And…does Amarok play other formats, like FLAC or OGG?
I hardly dare to ask: did you see the volume button in Amarok?

Knurpht, please see quote below.:slight_smile: