No "Software Updater" item in system tray or in it's settings

I have no “Software Updater” or icon in in system tray or in it’s settings. Not under “Screen” or “Icons”. Other items seems to be there. I can start “Apper Software Manager” and it works normally and sends notifications if updates are available but the icon is missing. How can I get that visible? I have openSUSE 12.3 KDE 4.11.1 and Apper 0.8.0-2.4.1.

Btw. Also the little arrow in system tray which shows hidden icons is missing but clicking empty space where it should be works.

Well, that’s normal. Apper 0.8.0 just sends notifications about updates anymore.

If you do want to have an icon in the system tray, you have to install the package “apper-plasmoid”.
You should then be able to enable the icon in the system tray’s settings. You can then choose there if it should be “Always visible” or only visible when there are updates (“Automic”) as well.

The problem with that arrow invisible could be caused by an invalid plasma cache.
Try to run:

rm /var/tmp/kdecache-$USER/plasma*

You can get the apper-plasmoid by

zypper in apper-plasmoid

of via your browser: (in case it’s not in the standard repos)

I have been using it for ages and am happy.

Ah, ok. Just installed the plasmoid and it should work now. Thanks! openSUSE 12.3 Start-up guide tells about that icon so I assumed it should be there. I hope they’ll fix that info since it’s little confusing for new users.

You’re right. That may be a forgotten leftover from 12.2.
Could you please file a bug report about that on please? Same username/password as here…
Thank you!

Yes I’ll do that.

Yes I’ll do that.