No Playback Sound from Amarok

Amarok shows my music directories, and its own system sounds are audible. But when I play a track, nothing - no sound at all. The progress bar shows that the track is playing, and the mixer has all volumes cranked to 100%.

I’ve gotten used to Amarok being wretchedly broken in the past, and resigned myself to just switching over to Windows whenever I want to hear something, but I had hoped things had improved with 13.1.

Amarok works fine here for years.

But probably you don’t have the necessary codecs installed?
Have you followed one of the Multimedia howtos?
This f.e.:

I have already done all that.

Sound works fine everywhere else. System sounds work perfectly. In Firefox, I can play back audio streams and videos with sound. I can play the test sound in Yast->Hardware->Sound. I can even go to Amarok->Configure Amarok->Playback->Configure Phonon->Audio Hardware Setup and play sounds through the left and right channels. Trying to play a sound from the same place, on the Device Preference tab, however, fails, in the sense that no sound comes out of the speakers, although the Test button stays depressed for a long time while playback - apparently, to the void - occurs.

And which phonon Backend are you using?
Do you have sound in other parts of KDE?

Does it work if you disable PulseAudio in YaST->Hardware->Sound->Other->PulseAudio Configuration?

Could be the OP has more than one audio device and it needs setting in kde’s system settings > multimedia > audio/video

Is other audio working? as in from a browser playing a trailer or such like?

As noted above, all other audio is working just fine. Amarok is broken, which in my experience is its normal state.

Never mind. I downloaded another audio player that just works.

No, Amarok is definitely not broken. At least not in this way.

For playback, Amarok just uses Phonon, KDE’s sound system.
If you get no sound, you have a problem with your Phonon configuration/installation.

That shown in red says it’s not an Amarok problem. KDE’s sound test fails to reach the hardware, and you said your volume needs max setting which is abnormal! I agree with wolfi323, and caf4926 has a point. You have volunteered nothing much about your hardware set up.