No pipe symbol


Since today I have weird issue not being able to type the pipe | symbol in certain applications. It seems only none Gnome applications are affected:


While in the Gnome applications it does work:

Gnome Terminal
Gnome Tasks
dconf Editor

This behavior started either last Sunday or today. The only that changed on the system (to my knowledge) are the updates I got this morning.

I am running TW with Gnome. I am using the English (intl., with AltGr dead keys) input source and changing this to something else doesn’t fix the problem.

Anyone else having this?

Well this was a typical PEBKAC issue.

Please close (or better yet) remove the ticket :slight_smile:

Please explain what happened to the keyboard settings.

  • We’re holding our collective breath while waiting … >:)

You just want to see me bleed right?

In short, there is this application I use a lot that NEEDS a keyboard shortcut for something I don’t use and also doesn’t work on Wayland. So I came up with shift + ] but I seem to have pressed the key next to it: |

But in my mind this was weeks ago and this issue only came forward yesterday, so that’s a bit weird.

Anyways, removed the shortcut and now it’s all good.

I can’t remember I used the | for at least a week. Maybe you have more use for it, but one does not use | much i creating a letter to grandma, doesn’t one?

I use | on a daily base as I work from the terminal.

Then it is indeed strange when it did not wotk for some weeks without you noticing.

In any case, it works now and that is waht counts.

It also shows probably that the fact that you ask, like here on the forums, often leads to looking to a problem from a different side, which then may show you the solution in such big characters that you think: how could I not see this?
But that is only human. Most of us had those experiences.

Indeed. The function of that application that doesn’t work on Wayland is to activate it with a keyboard. It sorta sometimes works, but most of the time it doesn’t. There are more applications with this problem on Wayland. Like i.e. the Auto-Type function in KeePass or in this case calling ULauncher.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe I was just lucky not noticing the issue before. Like you said, it now works. That counts :smiley: