No ksystraycmd?

I was looking for a way to try to do something with the system tray in KDE in a shell script. I’ve begun to think I can’t do what I want to do with only a shell script and will need to attempt to write actual code, but I did want to see what I could do with ksystraycmd after reading about it. However, despite what I expected from what I’ve read, it’s not installed. I tried cnf ksystraycmd and it told me it was in the package kdebase4-workspace. I was like, “Whut? That’s not installed?” I figured I’d see what happened when I tried to install it in zypper and, sure enough, I got conflicts with a lot of Plasma 5 stuff.

So is KDE doing away with ksystraycmd or has there been some mistake in leaving it out in our repos?

Plasma 5 does not support xembed-based systemtray, but depending on what you’re trying to achieve there may be workarounds available.

Some background…

True, but we install xembed-sni-proxy by default (and it’s included in Plasma5 itself starting with 5.5.0) which adds support by turning xembed icons to the “new” SNI on-the-fly.

But ksystraycmd has not been ported (yet?) to KF5, and is not available at this point, as it is only part of the KDE4 desktop/workspace.
It is still included in the kdebase4-workspace package (which contains the KDE4 desktop), but you cannot really install that on Leap (it would remove Plasma5, and some required parts are missing), it’s mainly still included in the distribution because of kdm only.

So, as malcolm deano_ferrari wrote, try to explain what you want to do, maybe it is possible in a different way.