No keyboard layout switcher on logon window


Never 've paid attention on it, but seems it’s an interesting moment: when openSUSE displays its logon window, user can log in, logout/reboot/shutdown the system, but there is no keyboard layout switcher to check if your layout is right to type correct password (screenshot: 've checked this on XFCE on my base machine and on KDE Plasma on virtual machine. At the same time, on virtual machine with Kali, which is based on Debian, I can have keyboard layout switcher on logon window without any problem (screenshot: How to fix this for openSUSE? Thanks!


Never saw /missed this feature, but funny thing: Installed Tumbleweed for ARM 7 on a raspberry pi last week for the first time and: There IS such a keyboard layout switch on the login screen with LXDE! :smiley:

My Leap 42.1 with KDE P5 on virtual machine:

No keyboard layout switcher on logon window. :smiley:

I believe nearly everyone would call what you are displaying in your screenshots as the “panel,” not the “Logon window” which typically is where the User enters Username and Password to login to a session (can be bypassed with autologon).

For what you are asking, on my XFCE,
You can rt-click on the “button” on the far right of the bar (It might display your name or buttons depending on whether your bar is configured to display “Action buttons” or not),
From the context-sensitive menu that displays select
Panel… > Add new items

And from the window that displays, you can add the item “Keyboard layouts”


…same here with current Tumbleweed on x64, only on the ARM rapis install I have this icon for switching keyboard (unfortunately no pic upload in this forum)… :smiley:

Seems I have to reload screenshots:

Debian (Kali):

Watch on functional panel: do you see ‘en’ switcher for Debian and for openSUSE now? on openSUSE window the language switcher (under the user-list) is for interface localization, when system is already loaded. So, I’d like to have such switcher, which I can see on Kali logon panel and which I cannot see on openSUSE logon panel. How to fix it?

Thanks! Seems this sounds like a bug for x64, which should be fixed before 42.2 will released.

Bugzilla: 998410

Checked on my TW/XFCE, it’s there… The “chrome” that runs across the top of the screen, far right.
Doesn’t seem to be there in Mikhail’s screenshot, though…
I wonder if Mikhail has multiple languages installed?


My TW with KDE/Plasma5 looks pretty much identical to POs first pic (except for the stylish 42.1 light bulb stuff :smiley: )

Can you upload your own screenshot, please?

Sure. But see the Kali screenshot: (en, ru).

UPD: Found in the Internet: As we can see – no keyboard switcher even here.

The the OP,

On your logon window,
The middle button directly below the password field enables you to select your system language…

You might try selecting a language and seeing if the keyboard layout for that language is automatically selected…

Although I agree technically speaking that the keyboard layout should really be, and really is something completely separate from the chosen language…


Here’s the screenshot, again this is on Tumbleweed, not LEAP.
The language selector is circled in red.


This is the language for system interface after it is loaded. I’ve checked that on my XFCE - when I start Thunar, it asked me to rename folders like ‘Downloads’, ‘Documents’, … on language I’ve selected in field directly under password field in logon window.

That’s the reason for filing 998410 on b.o.o tracker. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks! That’s much different in design, but correct technically…