No KDevelop under OpenSuse 11 / KDE 4.0

I have installed 64-bit SUSE 11.0 on an HP laptop with a Turion processor. I installed it from a DVD that came from LinuxProMagazine. During installation I selected the KDE desktop (ver. 4.0.4) and all the development options that were available since I’m new to Linux and didn’t know which ones I would need.

My primary interest is learning how to develop applications under Linux, hopefully using an integrated development environment that would let me develop applications like Win32 or MFC applications under Microsoft. The only IDE which is installed is MonoDevelop, which I thought was used for the Gnome desktop. KDevelop, which I had seen before and thought was the one to use for KDE, is not installed.

What IDE application should I be looking for to do C or maybe C++ development?

Should that application have been installed when I selected all the development options? What could I have done wrong that would cause it not to be installed?

What IDE application should I be looking for to do C or maybe C++ development?

Many linux developers do not use an IDE for c/c++ development, they use a programmers text editor, such as Vi, or Eclipse (with plugins) or even Kate.

If you are wanting an IDE which will let you drag n drop to create forms for KDE then take a look at QT Designer.

Just be aware that there are plenty of “wrinkles” with KDE4. If you are looking for a stable platform to learn this stuff, you might be better off on KDE3.5.x

So install it.

Assuming that everything is on the DVD, register the distro online repository.

it is in suse 11.0 DVD.

just goto “install or remove software pachages and manage…” and search for kdevelop. actually kdevelop3 is available. i myself use it here! also after installing you need a single change and ask me after installing it :wink:

if you didn’t found that in your dvd, just search it here: and install it via “one click install”!

if you couldn’t do this and you didn’t found any source for kdevelop and you found a wall instead of a door, then come to me again and i suggesst you use another IDE :wink:

also if you don’t want to install IDE
save your source somewhere, goto terminal, press

g++ -o test test.cpp

(test.cpp is your source and test is output)


to compile your source
good luck! get back here if you didn’t find it helpfull

Thanks for the responses, especially the alternatives to KDevelop since I’m not sure that it would be best for me. Now, I have some things to try.

I do see KDevelop on the list of software available from through Yast2. I did not see it as an option when I was installing from DVD. The KDevelop version is 3.5.something. Is that compatible with KDE 4.0 or just 3.5?



yes, all kde3 programs are compatible with kde4 hence kdevelop-3 is compatible with kde4.

hope this helps

Thanks all, I’ve downloaded/installed KDevelop. I don’t know why I did not see the option to install it originally nor do I know how its capabilities relate to MonoDevelop, but now I have an IDE and documentation on how to use it. I think that’s enough to start getting some experience with it, as well as some of the other options that were suggested. Thanks again.