No joke: How to open a folder in KDE 4.35 (openSUSE 11.2) ?

Hi all,

I’m quite frustrated, because under 11.2/KDE 4.35 I’m not able
to move through the directory tree, neither with dolphin nor with konqueror.

If I click on a folder, a plus or minus sign appear alternately,
but the folder isn’t opened.

If I double-click on the folder icon, nothing happens.

So under 11.2 I just can not access the files stored under
a previously installed 11.1 in the home tree (i.e in a separate
partition on that HD) !

Is my machine too slow ?
Do I have hardware too old (Pentium III Katmai on an Intel mainboard
with onboard graphics) ?

What’s wrong ?

Many thanks

Wondering very much right now: was this a clean install of 11.2? What you see happening with the “-” and “+” sign is selection of folders. Double clicking a folder on KDE does not work, unless explicitely configured so.

Are you reusing the existing homedirs? This looks like a permission problem. Please post output of

ls -lian /home
grep 'YOURUSERNAMEHERE' /etc/passwd

where ‘YOURUSERNAMEHERE’ should be replaced by your username

If you click right on the plus, the folder is selected, if you click on the name it’s opened. That is - if it works :\

Just move your mouse lower down the target area, as has been suggested…

You are actually complaining about a great feature of kde4!

Hi you all,

many thanks for your responses !

Yes, it works.

In the large Icons view (which I usually dislike
and never use …) the mouse doesn’t even have to
be moved lower or on the name of the folder.

But caf4926,
I really didn’t mean to complain.
I really was desperate, because I’m a bit in a hurry
and feared that I would not have access to my eMail attachments
The same feature of KDE 4 besides had been the reason
that I deleted my first installation of 11.2 a few months ago,
and re-installed 11.1 with KDE 3.5.
Having recently read about the possibility to install KDE 3.5 under 11.2
I now started my 2nd attempt with 11.2 and first gave KDE 4
another try.

And Knurpht,
The install was clean.
I’ve already read enough warnings about messy installations.
The system partition under mount point / was formatted during
the installation, and the only thing that I might have forgotten
was to delete the invisible folders except for ‘.thunderbird’ in my
home directory under mount point /home, i.e. the invisible folders
where the 11.1 applications left their traces.

Thank you all again !

No worries.
It’s a new experience kde4
Just take your time and learn the ropes.

It was rather clunky early on, but IMO it’s quicker than Gnome now.