No Internet connection in Steam native game with Tumbleweed

I have a internet connection problem with a Steam native game.

On Linux Mint everything works out of the box but on openSUSE Tumbleweed the game will not connect to the internet. The Firewall in YAST is disabled. Is there something else I have to check?

Is it just that one program having problems or is the Internet in general unreachable from the system?

At the moment this game (X4) is the first game with this problem. All other programs and games (Firefox, Thunderbird …) are working. For a test I installed Linux Mint on another machine and the Login to the Online Features are working without problems.

On Tumbleweed the connection can not be established. I disabled the Firewall and AppArmor. My Tumbleweed installation is only a few days old.

I checked my Network connection again. Proton Multiplayer Games are working. Applications are working. I may test another Steam native game with Multiplayer.

But what´s the different to Linux Mint?

I only wanted to make sure that this is not a networking problem of your system.

It seems to be restricted to your application. As I do not know anything of the application, I can give no further help, but I assume others may join here.

That said, you seem to stress that the application is a “game”. I have no idea if that makes it “special”, but I do wonder why you did then post it here instead of in the Games section.

Yes, hard choice. Is it a game or network problem. I don´t know.

Normaly Steam from the official openSUSE repo doesn’t need any tinkering with the firewall. I play different games via Proton on different Tumbleweed machines, and Steam happily connects to the game servers.

Do you maybe use Steam via Lutris or smth like that?
Did you test with another game on Steam (non native)?

The choice should more be: where do I advertise my problem better, where the Game gurus are or where the Network gurus are.

I installed Steam with zypper. No Flatpak or through another Launcher.
Yes, I tested some Proton Games and all of them works.
I think X4 has a problem with openSUSE because I started the game with Proton and the Online Fetaures are working now. When I switch back to native, it does not work anymore.