No 'Delete' option in Dolphin?

There’s only ‘Move to trash’ instead of ‘Delete’ option in Dolphin,how to get it back?

Now I can’t format my usb drive with Partitioner,I click ‘edit’ but it show error. Any solution?

I can answer your first question, click >> control >> Configure Dolphin >> Services >> Check Delete and it will show up in the right click menu.

And it is not very clever to hide your second question behind the first one.

Make a new thread with an appropriate title, else nobody wil see your thread when they are not coming here for your Dolphin question. And Dolphin people are not by design partitioner people.

And when you start an new thread, do not say “an error”, but spell that error. Crystal balls are broken here.

screenshot of error might be useful in troubleshooting the issue

Push shift. So right click on a folder then press shift and move to trash will become delete. Also Shift+Del is the keyboard shortcut.

This is correct
It caught me out

Basically they hid it in the service menu

Thanks anika! Now this option hide in Services ~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it,thanks hcvv :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve started a new thread.

But where is “control”? Are you talking about Yast? I can’t find “Configure Dolphin” anywhere.

My bad. I just found it. Sorry.

For ref:

From the top menu in Dolphin (that could be hidden Ctrl+M toggles this)
Settings > Configure Dolphin > Services

Make sure Delete is checked](