No Boot After Installation | Raid 1 | Grub

Hi all,

I am having some problems installing opensuse. Ich have a RAID 1 system, which is typically

  1. 100 MB windows cracy boot stuff
  2. 100 GB Windows
  3. 270 GB DATA
  4. 100 GB unused

That I prepared in Windows 7, which is installed on the 2nd partition. Now I insert the opensuseDVD and start the installtion process. First good point is, that Yast2 tells me, he has found and Intel Matrix Storage Controller and would like to use a MD-compatible devive called Volume_0000.
I say “Yes” to this, because it seems reasonable, and otherwise the partition table is kind of strange.

Ok, now during the setup process i come to “hard disk”, where I deselect a seperate home partition. As a result, the table looks like this:
/dev/md126p1 100.00 MB NTFS system [windows boot]
/dev/md126p2 97.66 GB NTFS [windows]
/dev/md126p3 263.67 GB no type yet [data]
/dev/md126p4 104.33 GB no type [somehow combination of the next two]
/dev/md126p5 2.01 GB swap swap
/dev/md126p6 102.33GB Ext4 /

That is the configuration I installed the system (several times :-()

In grub setup, I stick with the former settings, that grub is installed on a secondary partition, although I do not exactly know, what that means.

After the installation, the system asks me to reboot, resulting in a black screen with only a white cursor shown. Only solution I found was to go to the rescue menu and change bootflag back to windows boot partition in order to get a running windows system. I deleted the linux partitions and started all over again, but that doesnt help.

Where am I possibly wrong?

kind regards,

Unfortunately, I do not know it too …

First, which version of openSUSE are you trying to install? Second, make a picture of screen where “secondary partition” is selected, upload to SUSE Paste and post link here.