no 64 bit version of libxine codecs?

just did a fresh install of opensuse 11.3 with kde 4.5. fully upgraded everything and then added the packman repo. everything else is stock. but i found when trying to install libxine1-codecs that theres only a 32 bit version and no 64 bit support. this seems different than my past experience. does anyone know what happened?

It is not YOU - the main packman website has recently updated the xine rpm’s but the 64 bit versions have not been correctly added.

You can get them from:-

Index of /suse/11.3/x86_64

It’s not unusual for _64 packaging to be behind, if you wait, it will correct itself.

It is a bit strange as it isn’t just a case of the 32 bit versions being undated and the 64 bit versions not having been updated yet. the 64 bit versions have been removed

I know
It is usual

BTW. I tested the unixheads repo and every package was older than mine from