NFS network printer sharing

I have two Suse un-firewalled computers connected via NFS. About a year ago I found instructions for a very SIMPLE way to share a CUPS connected printer using Yast. When I installed 11.4 I lost the instructions. It required no config file editing and took about two minutes. Google searches focus on complicated SMB-Linux connections like those suggested by swerdna. Does anybody know where I can look for help?


I do not know what your solution was. but I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with NFS. NFS is purely about mounting of remote file systems.

Samba on the other hand has functionality for sharing disk space and printers with MS Windows systems.

Very simple, use YAST to configure the printer on one of the Suse boxes and enable sharing, the other system will see the printer via cups broadcast. NFS is Network File System
which allows mounting of network volumes off a NFS server.
Samba can also share a printer with windows but unnecessary when using only Linux.

As dwellen has already suggested, CUPS can be used to share printers across local networks (on the same subnet) without issue, via CUPS browsing. I frequently connect to an epson printer running on a Mac at my parents house. As both Linux and OS X use CUPS, my laptop ‘discovers’ the printer automatically (without configuration).

CUPS uses IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) to do this.

Printer Sharing - Documentation - CUPS

Swerdna has an IPP printer sharing tutorial here

Linux Printer Sharing: Suse/openSUSE 10.x 11.x IPP Print Server for Linux & Windows Clients

His samba printer sharing guide is for those connecting to Windows machines with shared printers. Different horses for different courses!

Yes of course you are right. Thank you for the correction.

Thank you for the links. Everything is now functioning properly.

Great. Thanks for the update.