Newbie trying out openSuse

I am trying to see if I am ready to graduate to openSuse after four years on Ubuntu based distro.

Tried unsuccessfully to install Gecko Linux on my testing computer twice since it was supposed to be easier for newbies. Gecko Stable would not connect to internet. Had booting problems with Gecko Rolling probably the same as below.

Did get openSuse net to install with XFCE DE as I wanted. Finally got it to boot without the CD. After installing, I changed in YAST to check set flag … and write generic boot code to MBR and changed my boot order numerous time in the BIOS. I saw these boot items in installer but just went with default with everything so did not change anything. Would be helpful if default did this in installer or gave more information about it.

I was going to ask about a update notifier but made some changes in XFCE setting manager about notifications and got a pop up notification immediately about updates needed. YAST updated with no problems. Wish this had been set on installing. I had a couple of brief runs with Manjaro but had updating problems requiring use of terminal to fix. If I wanted to learn terminal commands, I would have stuck with DOS. lol! If I don’t enable any other repos including PAC should I avoid any updating problems and updating with the terminal (zyppr)?

Second, I could not find grub customizer in YAST. Is there another way to get rid of the splash screens in booting up and shutting down?

I edit “/etc/default/grub” and the line for “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT” by removing the string “splash=silent”.

Some people prefer to uninstall “plymouth”. But if you use that method, you must lock it (or taboo it) after uninstalling, else it will be installed again.

As for updates, the update applet in XFCE should be fine, even with “packman” repo.

I’m not clear on what else you are asking.

Thanks for the response, nrickert. I’ll try the splash removal. I had read or seen in videos that updates from additional repos including pacman can cause problems when updating requiring use of the terminal to repair. :? This is a common problem with Manjaro.

Hello and welcome here.

A few general remarks about posting ibn these forums.

Please do not mix several questions in one thread.

For every question/problem, look what the best sub-forum will be. That increases your change to draw the attention of fellow openSUSE users that look in that sub-forum because they think they have the knowledge to help there. When you understand this, you will understand that it is seldom the case that several questions/problems will all belong in the same sub-forum.

Also give your thread a title that has keywords about your problem/question. Many people will only browse through the titles and open those where they think they can help. Again, you will understand that several question/problems can not be compressed in a single, technical information providing, title. And your compromise “Newbie trying out openSuse” (it is: openSUSE btw), does not provide any technical hint.

That said, because most people here are very helpful, answers to one or more of your questions/problems will come forward in no particular order, creating a very messy and confusing discussion where even you may in the end not understand which answer is for which question.

Please take the above as positive help to let you settle down as soon as possible in this wonderful forum of openSUSE users.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll use it.

On updating: due to it’s rolling nature and the techniques to create and maintain it, Tumbleweed gets released over and over again. This means, that only ‘zypper dup’ is supported. Both YaST’s Softwaremanager and update applets cannot deal with that (yet?). Updating any other way may very well miss downgrades of packages ( happens ) f.e. , Simplified: YaST and applets run ‘zypper up’, you need ‘zypper dup’.

:\ Hmm. I may have to look at Leap again or wait until (if) use of zypper is no longer needed in Tumbleweed. I was hoping to avoid updating problems common in Manjaro requiring use of the terminal to correct.

This is more or less ununderstandable (at least for me). I never used Manjaro and there will be more here. When you do not explain what your problems where, we will not understand what you mean. Also, openSUSE is not Manjaro and you better simply try it out to see what is different.

Also you better get rid of the fear of using the terminal. It is a normal thing to do when manageing a Unix/Linux system and even for the end-user it has advantages in many cases (e.g. actions to be done on many files, where in the GUI you have to handle them one by one, where in the CLI you might be able to do things on hundreds of files in a few statements).

In any case, using Tumbleweed will force you to update in the CLI (the already mentioned zypper dup), where Leap will offer you to do updates from the YaST GUI.

> I am trying to see if I am ready to graduate to openSuse
> If I wanted to learn terminal commands, I would have stuck with DOS

a contradiction here? you appear to have technical ambitions but yet dont want to learn. linux shell (a well thought out interface, has come to define much of computing from c to python) is nothing like DOS (a hobbled together piece of garbage).

there really isnt much to learn, and zypper is the best package manager around (redhat copied it for their new dnf), stick with it!