Newbie: folder shortcut?


Is it possible to create folder shortcuts in openSuse 11.2 as in Windows? I want to create one in my desktop.
In Windows, I just dragged a folder to the desktop using the right click mouse, and I had the option to place the corresponding shortcut.


Are you using KDE or Gnome, or other?
On KDE it’s the same IIRC as Windows; right cclick desktop, create new>
Folder if you want or “link to directory” if you want a shortcut to an existing directory…

In KDE you can do it with drag and drop, i.e. drag a folder from Dolphin and drop it on your plasma desktop. The trick is, you need to have widgets unlocked. If you have, upon dropping the folder there’ll be a context-menu with various options (for me these are: Folder View; Lancelot Part; Icon). Icon is probably what you are looking for.

You can do similar with bits of text, pictures and maybe more.

If you are using the KDE4 desktop folder, simply copy/link the folder into ~/Desktop and it will appear alongside your other icons.

For example, I have a link to ~/Desktop for the LaTex symbols catalogue which means it is only a click away if I need to remember an obscure symbol. The actual file is in my Computing folder.