Newbie Big Mistake,Need your help

I removed some file’s trying to make room on the hard drive. well now the system won’t boot up.I now get this error message,could not start kdeinit4,check your installation.Could someone help me >:(

And you have no idea what files you removed?

You generally can’t do much damage unless you were working as root - were you?
How or what did you do/use to delete the files?

mld9373 wrote:
> Could someone help me >:(

if you can’t provide a list of all files deleted, this is (probably)
the best advice i can give:

  1. reconstitute by restoring from your most recent full system backup

  2. if you don’t have a backup, the only option i’m aware of is to

a. if you do re-install you might find it helpful and time saving to
plan this install better than the first…you will find some helpful
information in these cites:

b. if you do re-install it might be wise to do so to a larger
storage device, and/or allocate more space to this system so that
“removing files” is not an immediately appealing option…

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Reinstall is not neccessary. OK, do the following!
Login on textmode as root:
then type the following:

rm -r /home/thisisyourusername/.skel

This will restore your account with standard settings. So anything neccessary to boot into your account will be created.

Just a tip! Dont write “thisisyourusername” in the code. Just write the name of the foldername of your youseraccount! For example


ok…are you saying that everything needed to “start kdeinit4” lives
in ~/.skel ?

apparently you assumed he only deleted files in his home, i didn’t
assume that…

otoh, it will be very nice for him if your suggested remedy works (so,
i hope you are right, and will be happy to learn this new ‘trick’)!

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]
When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

I’ve seen an error similar to this when I removed the /var/tmp/kde-$MYUSER folder. I could log in through kdm, but the KDE would fail to load my desktop.