Newb Section?

Hello all. I am a Linux newb. Really, I’ve only been using computers for 5 years. Never had one before that, but I learned a lot very quickly by trial and error. Is there a section around here for total newbs with newbie questions? A place where one can ask seemingly obvious questions that may not be so obvious to someone who has 1 day of experience with openSUSE?

I managed to install it on two spare computers that already had windows installed without face-raping the windows installation. That was enough for me to have a victory beer.

Now I have a bunch of functionality/navigation questions that I don’t think belong anywhere but the “silly newb” section.

I assure you, I have very big plans for my home network, so my questions will become less infuriating in time. Yup, big plans. I’m talking dynamic DNS, 8 TB of storage across 3 archive servers and 10 assorted PC’s ranging from stupid fast to slow but tiny (smaller than video DVD player) and mac for good measure. I built em all, except the mac. It was a learning experience.

Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew, I’m just beginning to learn about advanced networking from google and old books on NT4 server. I’m hoping openSUSE can handle being a domain controller, web server, etc. I mean, I don’t know how to do any of this crap yet on any OS, but I want to learn.

I don’t know how new you are but I’m not that experienced with linux myself. I have a good understanding of computers in general. I spent most of my school life in front of one doing completely strange and amazing things… But the last 2 years playing with linux…

I spent a year doing electronics and 2 years doing communications electronics… It was great and one of the things we had to do was wire up 20 pcs or so to this big old hub and all that cabling was a stress mess.

Moving on from my life story, I set up a web server last year using opensuse on this REALLY old computer, the best way to achieve this is to first learn how to set it all up on a decent computer… you need to know how to get the apache stuff up and learn how to get the sql database going for all your forums and blogs… I used google to learn :slight_smile:

I had to use the low graphical mode for this old computer, it saves so much rammage and cpuage. The problem you have with home hosting is the speed of your ISP, Usually uploading is capped at 30-40Kbps so people are downloading your html pages/images/stuff at this speed and with a high number of visitors to your pages its sure to die at some point :slight_smile: AND you need to leave the server running 24/7, can’t be good on the electric bill…

I only created my web servers for the education side of it… I wanted to learn…

But if your serious about making your own little website it would be so much easier to spend 10 quid at Web hosting**-Domain • Hosting • E-mail or something… :slight_smile:

I guess here would be a great place to answer your questions…

A place where one can ask seemingly obvious questions that may not be so obvious to someone who has 1 day of experience with openSUSE?

You can post those kind of questions anywhere. We don’t answer them any differently. :wink:

That said, have a look at the openSUSE WIKI as well as the Rute Guide. That should be plenty of reading to help you understand how Linux (in general) works.

Thanks for the links. I will take your advice and post my general navigation questions in the Applications thread.

Search the forum for “web server” – seems I remember Andrew18 had a guide/posting about that in SF Archives (like openSUSE Forums - Search Results)

When in doubt, go to the source: Novell Doc: OpenSUSE 11.0 - Table of Contents
#4 here: Search results - openSUSE

Have fun:)