New x4500 video question

Dear Readers,

Yup, I’ll be the 1006th poster with installation problems. I used Linux on my old dekstop PC with no problems. But my desktop is replaced by a mac and I still have a laptop with Windows that I want to run Linux on. The problem is, the new Intel chipset seems not compatible with Linux.
Here is what happens:

I burned a fresh live CD and booted it. Next I click on OpenSuse 11 (that’s the tryout “from a CD” version isn’t it?) and I saw the green openSuse loading screen. But now the fun starts! After this I get a buzzed screen - Green lights and stripes, openSuse written a thousand times on my screen etc. etc. After a while I can hear the openSuse startup sound but still a buzzed screen. What seems to be my mouse cursor now is a 3" by 3" square and what must be the desktop is oldschool MSDOS with tons of stripes. In other words, I can’t really see anything.

My system specs are:

Toshiba Sattelite L300 (August Manufactured)
Celeron 575 2 GHz (64 BIT) <- I used the 32 bit CD though
and a Intel 4 series Chipset Family with a X4500 GMA

So I thought the x4500 is new and thus not supported yet. Am I right and do I need to wait a few months, or is there a solution?

Any help would be appreciated

(sorry for never posting before, but I never had troubles before :slight_smile:

You need to read all the way through this long thread Toshiba Portégé M800-10C doesn’t seem to like linux. (A quick search on x4500 would have turned this up.)

The short of it is that your graphics device requires new driver files and kernel, which are in 11.1. But there is an as-yet unresolved bug. Details in the thread.

Thanks there, I’ll read it :slight_smile: