New VM - need more disk space.

Hello, I’m trying to create a basic VM of Win10 (iso image). When I get to step 4/5 from virt-manager, it’s showing disc space of my ‘/’ partition. I need more space than that. How would I choose my ‘/home’ partition or external HDD? Would you guys recommend i try VMPLAYER instead? Is that more noob friendly?

P.S: I’m on TW (everything updated)

“Select or create custom storage”?

Sorry, I knew i forgot to mention that:

when I go: “Select or create custom storage” then “Manage” and choose my ‘/home’ partition it says: “Storage parameter error. The path must be a file or a device, not a directory”.

Do I just create a blank file and point it there?


Ok, so i tried ‘/dev/sda4’ which happens to be my ‘/home’ partition, and it accepts that an moves on to step 5… Is it ok to do it this way?

You can specify a specific device.

Although you don’t mention what type of virtualization you’re running, when you use libvirt (vm manager and virt install), the libvirt instructions are the same no matter the virtualization.

The relevant documentation…

Specifying a special location (like what you are doing)
Be sure you keep track where all your disk images are located

Generally the preferred way… Specify a storage pool and optionally set a pool as your default location. Pools are defined locations where all your images should be stored


Thanks for the reply and those very informative links. Yes, I’m using vm manager (GUI not from CLI).

ive actually run into an unrelated issue with my OS, so I’m forced to put my virtualisation project on hold.>:( But you gave me some good literature to read in the meantime, thanks!lol!