New to linux, trying to get wireless up and running

I thought a good place to start was to get an internet connection setup so i can read from my computer directly off these forums and other resources. So here it is;
opensuse11 installed,
yast2 seems to detect my d-link pci wifi card under hardware config., it’s a dwa-552 but it calls it ar5416
attempts to setup by editing connections in the little globe on the taskbar show no connections.

If i’m starting in the wrong place please guide me.

Yep, for starters,you are in the wrong section,this should be in the wireless section.Then, have a read of these Welcome - openSUSE Forums
My wireless doesn’t work - a primer on what I should do next - openSUSE Forums
These should give you some useful info


thanks andy, didn’t even realize that there was a wireless section, just saw network and jumped i guess. and thanks for the point, hopefully in the right direction!

The link provides info to set up a card that is not working. But, there is another problem that he may be describing. It has nothing to do with the card. The problem is networkmanager. I am posting from a laptop that I have had dual booting since 10.0 if not before, so I know the card works and is supported. It worked right through 11.0 and stopped when I installed the beta’s.

If networkmanager starts, it says it is disconnected. Often, it won’t start. It has failed me on the ethernet card as well. I have had to reinstall to get the internet back. If I change the hostname, it fails again until I reinstall. I just changed my repos to factory and did a zypper dup. That got wireless back but no icon for networkmanager and no way to configure through it.

I’m hoping the rc1, in the morning, will fix this. For now, I use a bad hostname.