new thread idea: Linux-compatible streaming video links?

I saw a Linux-compatible streaming video links list on avsforum: Linux-compatible streaming video links - AVS Forum and it made me think it may be useful to maintain such a list for openSUSE (on an adhoc basis) on a thread under our multimedia subforum area. Of course the list in the thread would quickly go out of date, … but then just as quickly come back in date again when users test various web sites (and report on their progress). Some users visit the same stream sites day after day, so when something breaks, the news (on the breakage) could come pretty quick.

… it might also be useful to specify which openSUSE version number in our list works, and also which pluggin/browser works with the streaming media …

We could get a moderator to maintain the first page … (where the “current” list is kept).

The scope would need be agreed, … ie should the thread include support requests? or just refer to other threads where support was wanted (if one can not get a site to work) ? My preference is to have a thread with just contributions (ie site-x works, or site-x no longer works) but not support requests. Instead, if one believes site-x no longer works, then start a new thread, and if the new thread concludes site-x no longer works, then post a note requesting the summary (1st) post of the Linux-compatible streaming thread be updated.

We could start by checking the list from the above URL (although these tend to be very TV orientated, likely due to the site from which it comes):

[QUOTE=mythmaster;15878678]SITES THAT WORK


FOX Breaking News | Latest News | Current News -
CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from


CBS - Official Site of CBS
NBC TV Network for Primetime, Daytime and Late Night Television Shows - NBC Official Site
PBS PBS | Watch Video From Your Favorite PBS Programs
National Geographic Video – Animals, Travel, Kids – National Geographic
Discovery Discovery Channel Videos
History History Video Guide
USA Full Episodes USA Network Videos USA Network Full Episodes Monk Psych The Starter Wife
Hulu Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.
AOL Watch Full TV Show Episodes for Free | AOL Television (looks like it’s mostly hulu stuff)
Fancast Fancast | Watch Full TV Shows and Movies | Free Online Streaming (mostly hulu, but extra shows, too – e.g., original “Twilight Zone” and “Star Trek”) - Free Full Episodes & Clips, Show Info and TV Listings Guide
South Park South Park Episode Player
Beavis and ****************/videos.jhtml

Public Domain Movies Public domain movies & films - Movies Found Online (lots of other stuff there, too)
NASA TV NASA - NASA TV (not getting any audio here…maybe it’s just me)
Joost Home - Joost


YouTube TV (See

Its possible some sites will not be “cut and dry” where some URLs (for streaming media) work on a site, but other ULRs (for streaming media) do not work on the same site.

Views? Comments on this idea?

Wouldn’t it be easier the other way around streams that don’t work. Ideally all streams should work.

It is the ones depending on DRM tech or hardcoding for Windows that seem to be the problems. I suspect these will change less frequently where as the other way glitches broke one day maybe fixed the next.

I think this is a very good idea. I would have made good use of it just after I installed 11.1, and first found the video streaming (from BBC iPlayer, for TV) to have performance problems on a modest system (1.8 ghz), but only with this distro. I could only think of a few well known US news sites as alternative test sites, but they were not much help to expose performance issues with their smallish picture size. I needed a diverse, but well-tried set of feeds (I would still use the list as I still have the problem.)

In this type of situation, a “compatibility” list has obvious advantages as a testing aid compared to a “blacklist”. Performance issues can be harder to sort out. The blacklist is only useful for avoiding problem sites, although I agree it would be smaller and easier to mange for the mods.