New themes applied to Web resources - repositories

How to contact people who manage and maintain openSUSE web properties?
Looked high and low, I can’t find anything anywhere.
Used to be, websites have a link at the bottom of each page to send messages directly to the Webmaster.
Although not a hard requirement anymore, it’s still usually the first place to look.

This isn’t the first time that there is a need to contact the web resources design people which I now understand are “someones in SUSE” now, but after a major change like what just happened today there will always be things that need to be tweaked.

Today with the launch of LEAP 15,
It looks like this opportunity was also made to launch a “New Look” practically everywhere except in these Forums, which is using different software.
My Wiki now looks pretty different.
In some ways I like it, the new themes make information easier to navigate, and easier to read (with the larger and different fonts).
In some ways, I feel more comfortable with the older, “quieter” appearance but I’m sure that feeling will pass.

My main request is that using a web browser to browse repositories is much harder now due to the new set of icons used which don’t clearly identify important files like repo metadata which serve to identify the anchors of a repo. Before, I could quickly skim directories for color-coded files, now I have to intensely study each filename looking for the necessary files.

I suppose I could try submitting through bugzilla, but was wondering if there is a better way to contact the people in charge of Web resources design.
We already know that usual methods (including submitting through bugzilla) do not necessarily work because of the current package search that mis-identifies experimental vs community repos. Whether something is actually done or not, I’d like to know that appropriate eyeballs have at least seen the submitted issue.


On Fri, 25 May 2018 19:06:06 +0000, tsu2 wrote:

> How to contact people who manage and maintain openSUSE web properties?

e-mail to admin at opensuse dot org. :slight_smile:

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