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Shopping for a new home use printer/scanner that is linux friendly and supported with wireless. Will be using leap 15.2 . Any suggestions? I’m in the us.

I’ve got a Canon pixma TS3150, it was found by the OS fine, it prints fine, however I use the android app for scanning so I don’t know if it can be used with OS software. And ink price isn’t over the top.

See on the websides of the manufacturer if you get an linux driver.

good Support for linux:

Canon, mostly the scanner will onlyl work with an Canon backend.

I don’t use it for a scanner more than printing these days. Cheap ink is a plus. HP ink is expensive

Switched to a wireless HP LaserJet years ago, never looked back…

I don’t print much anymore. Looking for the cheapest ink option that won’t dry up after sitting for a while.

I don’t print much anymore. Looking for the cheapest ink option that won’t dry up after sitting for a while.

I also do not print many times, but my HP is working and printing.
yes I saw a canon laser printer on sale. Shows a linux printer driver.

After x number of years, my old reliable HP Officejet failed with a printhead problem. Replacing the printhead is nearly as expensive as some of the printers I could buy! I have been waiting for Black Friday (or whatever will replace it this year) to get a new printer. But, I found an HP Envy at Best Buy which is on sale (for the whole month, I think) for $34.99. That’s about the cost of an ink refill! That price is $95 off.

I pick it up today. I can report back, soon, as to how it works. I have very low, home office, printing needs. The scanner is important to me. As to ink, they have an Instant Ink program where they monitor your ink status and automatically send refills. Since my needs are so low, I will opt for the FREE refills. That is for 10 sheets per month. The lowest pay subscription, is about $3 per month. That is also about the cost of one refill and gets you 50 pages per month.

With this low investment, If there is a super Black Friday sale, I’ll just give this new printer away and won’t feel bad. As noted earlier, HP works well under linux. You just need the HP Device Manager, found in the repos.

Then go for a LaserJet for sure, mines not a color one… if really need color can get printed elsewhere… :wink: You need to ignore the cost of the printer itself, compare the costs of printing a page paper/ink/laser to see how many pages you can print, laser will work out cheaper in the long run (mines about 2.0-2.5 cents per page with a genuine HP cartridge)…

For Canon imageCLASS MF232w:
Scanner driver?

I was using an hp printerI bought cheap that required that hp instant ink subscription. I was using the free ink option. HP sent me an email saying I had to choose a new subscription option starting december 1st. There is no free option anymore lol.
Which is why I’m shopping for a new printer.

They only show the printer driver

Good to know!

Just picked up and installed the HP Envy 5070. The printing looks good. It’s a bit slow, but I don’t print large jobs that would make me wait. Setup was more difficult than it should be. The documentation is sparse. Instructions don’t include a linux setup. However, the hplip program in the opensuse repos works fine.

The hard part was getting connected to my network. The phone app didn’t work for me but manually adding through hplip did the trick. One annoyance that may not matter in the end is the connection to my router. My router is dual band and the printer connected to the 5Gz band and I can’t find a way to switch it to 2.4Gz band that all my devices are on.

Also, HP gave me the free ink option. I think I saw somewhere during setup that it was for life! But, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get the email saying that I have to upgrade to a pay plan. I could live with the $3 plan.

I bought one of these. Hopefully it works out ok
Brother HL-L2390DW Monochrome Laser Printer All-In-One with Print-Scan-Copy, Wireless, and USB

Hey thanks!
Looks like they have good up to date support.

I have an HP Deskjet All-In-On 2675 (also referred to as HP 2675 Deskjet Ink Advantage) that I purchased last year. I blogged about it here Installing an HP Deskject All-in-One 2675 with SUSE-LEAP.

One of the things I like about it is that the HP2600 series has much cheaper ink than the vast majority of HP printers.

I got the InstantInk email. The program switched to 99 cents for 15 pages; $1 for the next 10 pages. The $2.99 plan gets you 50 pages. What may be an addition to compensate for the loss of the free plan is they are giving a rollover of unused pages. I have the HP Smart App on my android phone and ipad. The printer is working with hplip. So, I miss my OfficeJet but this looks like it might be ok under linux.