New openSUSE User

Hello, I’m new to openSUSE in general but not to the Linux world; The last time I got to use was SUSE Server Edition (forgot the version) a couple years back for only a week, so it really didn’t gave me an opportunity to learn more about SUSE and KDE.

Now I’ve decided to give openSUSE a try (I’ve deleted already my Fedora partition), and I know a lot has changed since then, and will ask if you can refer or point me to resources that would help me adjust. Also, more specifically on KDE, since I’ve been used to using GNOME as my environment.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy.:wink:

Well, the wiki’s suffering… which isn’t to say that there isn’t good information in there, just that you can’t rely on any given page being good.

So I reckon you’ve found the right spot. Boot her up and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Hey Welcome back to Opensuse & it’s sort of new forum!
Since you’ve come back to Suse & would like to try KDE let me make this suggestion use KDE 4.2.4 to acquaint yourself with it 1st.It is quite stable.
KDE 4.2.4 uses these repos
KDE/Repositories - openSUSE
While the 4.3 beta is okay, right now it is unpredictable & can be a frustrater.

thanks for the all the replies…

i was just hoping to find how to better customize KDE, as i always did in GNOME, like what can Raptor (i think) can do that i don’t know, or is it possible for something to be configured etc etc…

Customizing is easy. Just go in the kickoff-> Systemsettings. Desktop is for the compositing and ammm… desktop. Sys pan is for the window decoration, color scheme, icons etc. You can always click on get new themes and download what you need but sometimes you’ll have to go to the kde-look because they won’t download (uploaded to another place). The themes and styles and window decorations can be installed from repos but don’t worry we have them all.
I remember when i tried KDE after using gnome. I was confused at first and even thought KDE was less customizable but quickly found i was wrong:P Have fun tweaking and waiting for screenshots.:wink: