New nvdia drivers - sluggish mouse and screen behavior

Unfortunately my system updated to the latest nvidia drivers (nvidia-glG05-450.57-lp152.28.1.x86_64) and it breaks the usability of my workstations.
Mouse and windows responses now have delay in visual response of almost a second, witch makes it unusable for most activities.
The problem already occurs on login screen (sluggish mouse), so it’s probably not related with KDE itself.

Is there any way to revert to previous nvidia packages? I’ve looked into opensuse repo and the previous working versions are not there anymore. Where could I find then?
Is it an upstream problem?

See if it works (or doesn’t), post back in the bug report.

Tryed to move do nvidia-glG04-390.138-lp152.14.1.x86_6 with no sucess. Some Problem.

There was an upgrade on kernel as I am testing
2020-07-16 12:35:49|install|kernel-default|5.3.18-lp152.26.2|x86_64|

Seems to have fixed the problem. It looks that my system have received the new nvidia drivers before the new kernel and the new kernel was needed.

I will try to revert back do gl05 drivers

Successfully reverted to GL05 nvidia drivers. All normal now

It seems that the new kernel update (witch appeared here as a security update on zypper) did the trick.

I’ve been scared for about 2 hours :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response Malcolm

I guess that was not the case, cause when I switched to gl04 drivers, it tryed to create the modules again and the problem was still there.
Maybe re-installing the kernel was a solution and it was fixed with the kernel update.
Anyway, is working again now, thanks!