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Hello all.

I’ve been using SuSE for 5 years now. Never thought it would become one of linux greatest distribution, wow…you SuSE-team guys really did a great work.

Finally, I have a chance to join. Please, welcome me as your new member. :wink:

Welcome Indeed. Enjoy;)


Kim (2/11/2009 2:31:57 PM Mountain)

I second (third?) (fourth?) the welcome. There’s a bit of a learning curve to Linux, but it’s worth it. I use Suse all the time now – 10.3 at home, 11.1 on my laptop at work.

Hello, and welcome :slight_smile:

I tried out openSUSE the first time, when it was called SuSE Linux
and the Version was 9.3.
I was a Windows User and never had very much interest in such an
“complicated” OS, so i went on then with my Windows 2000 Pro.
Only when i got this job, (training as IT specialist), i got into
contact with SUSE again, because our company is only using Linux
and our NX-Servers are openSUSE ones.
To understand, analyse and deepen the things a learn at work,
i forced myself to use openSUSE (Version 11.0 like at work)
at home, too and since then (01.08.2008) i’m eagerly discovering,
comprehending and supporting (as far as i can) this wonderful OS.
To put it all in a nutshell:

I would never go back to Windows!

Hi mahapati, welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Welcome mahapati… I’m glad somebody finally became the greatest Linux distro…rotfl! I’ve been waiting for years for a distro that would allow me to ditch Windows… I get to retire Windows just as Uncle Bill retires… how fitting… :stuck_out_tongue: As the OP said the oS team is awesome… Again, welcome mahapati, looking forward to seeing you around the forums. :slight_smile: