New laptop

after a long time, I would like to buy a decent laptop. A normal/stationary PC is unfortunately out of the question.
I would use the laptop mostly for the Internet, Photoshop, and maybe now and then to play some games… So far I’ve always had Alienware computers, but I was unsatisfied with them due to the size, bulkiness, and weight.
My budget is 1,000$ It can also be a little more expensive if the overall package is great.
I am very grateful for your help, opinions, and tips!

Whatever you choose, make sure it has an ssd. I upgraded an old hd to an ssd and the difference was amazing!

Used Dell 7490’s are not as heavy as Alienware ones.

They can be had under $500 on eBay - get a I5 or I7 8th gen not 7th gen. Avoid the I3.
32gb of ram is under $120
1tb nvme is about $100
Get one that is FHD
new battery is under $50

I have done these for all my friends and relatives - I have 5 myself and have done over 30 so far. 25 have OpenSUSE linux 15.3, 4 have Windows 10 and one has Windows 11.

All 8th gen intel are Windows 11 with TPM2.0.

I don’t buy new - the newest Dell 7400 are maybe 5% faster and are about $2500 that you can match for $550.

My 2 cents

I have a NVMe SSD somewhere lying around I think it’s this model Can I put it in the new laptop when I buy it?

That’ll depend on the notebook you buy, if it a) supports NVME and b) has got a free M.2 port. Make sure not to mistake SSD with NVME SSD, they are not compatible, even with M.2.
As the choice is overwhelming, it is hard to make suggestions. As a general advice you can say with the most cutting edge hardware it may be more likely to run into problems. If you want that you may try Tumbleweed. I like the stability of Leap, even if I have to wait longer for some major upgrades.

Here’s what I did: I went to the website of a Notebook dealer that is quite reknown in Germany and have their HQ and even an store not far from my home. (So I could even support “my local”.) The main benefit was their filtering system. I started off with “notebook” and then I entered my most important specs.

  1. No Windows!!
    That narrows it down by some 70-80% or more.
    I wanted 2 drives, an optical drive and a decent size and power. Then there wasn’t any choice for the processor anymore. I had to go with Intel for this one.
    I ended up with an Acer Aspire A517-51G. (It’s not new, anymore.) Aside from today’s battery life I’m very happy with it.

So, you can go to a suitable webshop with filter function and enter your main requirements. Item 1. in my case had two reasons: I wanted to make sure not to send any Cent to Redmond for a system I’d wipe away immediately, anyway. And secondly, by receiving the laptop with some no-name Linux at least I (thought I) was sure the hardware would be suitable for Linux.
I have to say that this thread seems to advise not to be too sure about my second point:
Well, that fingerprint reader is some very special hardware. I never use it on my company Dell laptop (Win). But if you are keen to use such special items, better make sure they are supported.
I’d say go and look around. Once you have made some choices maybe come back and ask more specifically. I’m always surprised of how much different and special stuff is known to at least someone around here. rotfl!

Have a lot of fun!


My favourites are now (I prefer 17" notebooks)″-intel)/len101g0003

There are available also a few models without OS and in better prices in Slovakia:(.

You can buy any good laptop for $1000 for photoshop working.

No matter what brand you choose, pay attention to the hard drive type (SSD), ensure it has at least 16gb video memory and discrete graphic card. These aspects matter in playing games and editing photos/videos.

+1 to that.

I am regular user of laptop and looking for a machine that used for about 14 hours a day with good speed. With this i am a die heart fan of the games like speederand for all of these purpose i also recommends.…l)/len101g0003

Yes, this is a gaming laptop.