New Lappy, Fresh install tumbleweed and weird issue with encryption and external keyboard !!

New lappy and fresh install of tumbleweed as of today. Up to date.
Full disk encryption with LVM (Tried without LVM same issue).
External keyboard is logitech K780 with bluetooth dongle.
Laptop is MSI delta 15 A5EFK. Keyboard layout is US-UTF8
When typing the password for disk decryotion in GRUB, I can ONLY use the internal keyboard.
When I use the logitech connected via bluetooth dongle, the password is reported as wrong and I end up with minimal grub window.
I have been pulling out my hair trying to figure out what is happening.
Found some type of issue similar to mine
Any help is much appreciated as very troublesome to have to type the password on the internal keyboard.

Just tried Fedora 36 with same configuration. Full disk encryption + BTRFS no separate home or boot partition. No swap. I have no issue with Fedora 36. This is a complete mistery.