New Forum Themes

Is there any way to help create or request more forum themes to be available?

I use a 12" non-widescreen laptop at home and usually check things out in my User Control Panel.

Due to the default settings, this means there are 3 columns; the navigation colum, the user control menues and then the content and they are all squished.

An alternative to a new theme is to make the top-level navigation pane be able to hide, maybe by javascript?

EDIT: I screwed up the title. whoops! rotfl!

Have you tried both of the existing themes?

The quick answer to your question is: Not Likely


Because vBulletin updates are a regular occurance and if you have included
any customization in a template, vBulletin will not update your template
for you…you have to manually do it yourself as vBulletin doesn’t want to
overwrite your customizations.

The current “basic” template is a default vBulletin template that is
mostly updated automatically. The “default” template has been highly
customized and needs manual updating regularly. We’re not spending man
hours on more manual template updating.

Kim (6/2/2009 1:11:31 PM Mountain)

No offense, but the Basic is butt-ugly. The one that was removed previously fit the bill; more vertically built and looked good.

I know, though, that one isn’t coming back though.

give nntp a try sometimes…
it is wonderful on small screens…


Some of us like the Basic.

Basic Rocks! I agree.