New Firefox install broke the links

I am running Suse 10.2,
I downloaded a new copy of Firefox, but did not know where to put it. I did a find, and discovered about 8 directories; some under user accounts, usr/bin, usr/lib, bin, etc.

So I picked /usr/bin and untar’d the file.
The links broke. Could not launch from the icon on any user.
Still can launch with a terminal window by typing in the full path, but Firefox terminates whenever I try to print.


  1. Where SHOULD I have untar’d the file?
  2. Can I un-do the damage ?
  3. How do I fix the print problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

My question is:

Why don’t you just have the build service repo in your list.

Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_10.2

You have to excuse me, I am conversant in Unix using the command line, but am a newbie using the GUI. You will have to lead me on this one.

You posted:
Why don’t you just have the build service repo in your list.

What is the service repo?
I followed the links and found several files that contain the following (I added quotes so as not to insert code here).

“name=Mozilla based projects (openSUSE_10.2)”

These are not executable, even when I open them with firefox.
Any other thoughts ?

Using the Yast GUI
you need to add a repo
select BY URL
Name it: Mozilla
then copy and paste the url I gave above Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_10.2


Now you can update to latest FF

However, you should upgrade SuSE to version 11.0, since the support for 10.2 will be discontinued soon.