NetworkManager is not running?

Hello I’m having a nightmare trying to get a wifi connection. Firstly I’m very new to Linux. A few weeks ago I installed 13.2 and had problems with GUI’s, tried Gnome, kde and got some satisfaction with Xfce. Found out it was actually a faulty graphics card, installed a new one, now reinstalled 13.2 with Gnome. Then and now I’ve been trying to setup wifi with no luck. I found the Gnome help pages very informative and I tried follow the procedure. I did however fall at the first hurdle, as is says click on the system manager on the right of the top bar. I don’t have any system manager there. Anyway! I kept going and followed instructions to gather my wifi adapter info from the system. When using the command line to get info, I got what I think is a clue… /user/sbin nmcli device — produced this— ERROR: NetworkManager is not running. Could this be why I cant get my wifi adapter connected?

System… OpenSUSE 13.2 gnome 3

PC … Compaq with pentium D 2.66Ghz 1gb ram, 80gb hard drive.

USB wifi adapter… Netgear WNA3100M n300… Vendor: usb 0x846 netgear inc, Device: usb 0x9021 netgear wna3100m, Device file: wlp0sl9f2u4, Driver: rtl8192cu

This usb wifi adapter is on your HCL: Network_(wireless) list, It says on openSUSE 11.3 + 11.4 it works out of the box.

I have scoured this forum plus opensuse site to look for a guide to wifi settings that are required. can you point me in the right direction as well. thank you. Jon

Go to this website and follow the instructions closely. That will fix it.
If there’s anything you need to query, come back to us with the details.

Just remembered. Forget the apt-get bit at the beginning - that’s Ubuntu.

You’ll need gcc, make, dkms (from packman), kernel-devel, kernel-macros which tou can d/l through Yast software management.

Your system is probably configured to use “wicked” to manage the network.

Yast → Network Settings
Click the “Global Options” tab. Then change the “Network Setup Method” from “Wicked Service” to “NetworkManager Service”.

Or you could try configuring your WiFi card in Yast Network Settings (and continue to use “wicked”).

Thank you NRICKET, I looked in YaST, It is configured to use ‘wicked’, I tried to change it, but the drop down menu has two options, either ‘wicked’ or ‘network manager disabled’. Can I un disable it? If so where?
To be honest, I don’t mind which I use so long as I can get wifi connection. Looks like its going to be wicked as the NM is disabled! So, what do i do in wicked to get the wifi adapter running? There are plenty of boxes to fill under a few tabs, I have no idea what they do or are for or which is important and which is not. Are there any guides anywhere???.
Going back to the install. I was prompted to fill in a very similar set of tabs with empty boxes, i did fill in some and left some out. I could reinstall and start over again for about the eleventh time, but I would still be filling in the wifi info with no understanding of what most of the boxes are for. Are there any guides for this anywhere too???
Thanks for your time Jon

Sorry NRICKET, above should read ‘Network Services Disabled’ not ‘network manager disabled’. thanks

I’ve just been trying to set up wifi with ‘wicked’… Filled in some empty boxes with driver name and router info etc clicked next, I got a box telling be i needed to install ‘iw’. I don’t have internet access on that machine (obviously) so googled it, downloaded it on my laptop saved it to USB stick. Now I cant install it onto desk top. Tried burning it to DVD, dam system wont recognize it. So FFFFFFrustrating GRRRRR. deep breath… Please help someone?

Documentation is for Leap (but still applicable to 13.2)

I think that means that NetworkManager is not installed.

I’m not sure why. It is a standard install with any desktop. But maybe you installed Minimal X or not Xwindows at all. In that case, you are probably better advised to stay with “wicked”. If you do have a desktop installed, then install NetworkManager.

Both “iw” and “NetworkManager” are on your install media. So insert the DVD or whatever media that you used.

First use Yast Software Repositories. Make a note of which repos are enabled. And then disable all except for the install media (probably has a repo name “openSUSE-42.1-0”. That will avoid error messages due to network being down. Then install “iw”. You can also install “NetworkManager” if you wish. But if you are not using a graphic desktop, then you are better off sticking to “wicked”. (It doesn’t hurt to install NetworkManager but not use it).

Once you have done that, you should be able to configure wifi. Usually, you only have to check the box for DHCP, and let the system take care of the rest. You should then be prompted for network name (ssid), security type and key.

When done, restore the enabled flags for the repos (oss, non-oss, update, update-oss). And remove the enabled flag for the install media if you don’t want to insert it whenever you update software.

Oops! Ignore my reference to 42.1 – should be 13.2 on your system (in the repo name).

Hi Nrickert, Thank you for replying, I’ll give it a go, It all seems to make sense. I just have to turn 6 Sycamore rolling pins before I knock off work today. But as soon as I get home I’ll be on it.
I do have one concern!. That is… To get the openSUSE 13.2 software, I downloaded a bit torrent file from OpenSUSE and saved it to a DVD. The thing is… Every time I have ever tried to install something else off this DVD, YaST has not recognised it as openSUES 13.2 installation disk#1 maybe I should have named it that (although I’m not certain of the correct name that it should be). I can just see this being a problem when I get home. If I’m right and it doesn’t work, is there away of copying the file to some where and getting it to start installing its self from inside YaST or some other place? Anyhow, Ill wait to see later if my original DVD does its duty. Thanks Again for your clear instructions. As a newby I do need things spelling out. ‘Ya got to get it wrong before you get it right’ I always say, Its the pain that makes us remember, well me anyhow. talk soon, Jon

You probably saved it as a file, instead of burning as an iso.

In any case, it is actually possible to configure an iso file as a repo. You could try that. I don’t know the details, but somebody who does will probably drop into this thread with the details.

GRRR! Tried to install iw from installation disc in YaST. All I get is Warnings and error messages… such as…
failed to mount dvd:/// on/var/adm/mount/AP_0xzMRY6Z: mounting media failed (mount: unknown file system type ‘iso 9660’)

Click out of tha tand get another pop up…
unable to create repository from URL ‘dvd:///’
Change URL and try again…NO…YES

Clicked NO and got another…
an error occured during repository initialization.
Repository is not cashed…OK

Does this mean the dvd disc is shot or the dvd player is shot or the system is shot…It might just become a garden feature or something to keep the gate open. Help me I’m drowning! thanking any one in advance. {:@) jon

It’s been several years since I installed with a DVD. I normally use a USB. So I’m not familiar with the particular errors you are seeing. I’m hoping somebody else will drop in and offer help.

You could try:

Yast Software Repositories.
Click “Add”. Select DVD. And see if it finds the repo there. If that works, then disable the repo definition that isn’t working and work with the one just added. If it doesn’t work – wait for someone to drop into the thread and give us the solution.

I can’t get yast to see anything on dvd! So I tried something else, but now I’m thinking my whole system is corrupt. I have just read the ‘wicked’ section in the ‘reference’ document on to try to find out if wicked or network manager is enabled on my system. In the reference doc it says to check what is running use > systemctl status network , both wicked and network manager are disabled it tells me, so i tried > systemctl --force wicked … I get a message giving me the path to wicked i.e /usr/sbin/wicked …and that i may need root permissions. so tried it with sudo and entered password only to find out that it doesn’t know what ‘wicked’ is. I’ve looked at ‘man systemctl’ to see what else i can do. I tried several things to enable wicked but no joy. I can see it listed in the sbin directory using ‘ls’, but can’t get it enabled. If anyone knows what I need to do to get wicked enabled, please tell me!..with very precise instructions please. Please assume I don’t know anything. Cos if I do know anything I need to hear things/do things a few times before it goes in. Thank you


sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

You will need to restart your desktop environment for the NM front-end to be available IIRC. Others may be able to advise further here.

If you’re using Gnome, the NetowrkManager-gnome package contains the nm-applet GUI. That may need to be installed first. Do you have access to wired ethernet? Might make things easier

This will tell which NetworkManager packages are already installed

rpm -qa|grep NetworkManager

If you want wicked instead, then it can be enabled and started explicitly with

sudo systemctl enable wicked.service
sudo systemctl start wicked.service

Hi Thanks, I did the comand line thing …sudo sysemctl etc etc. THAT WORKED! I now have what looks like a working wicked.
So I went to the YaST2 network service settings box to check that all was OK. It wasn’t… The wifi adapter was not on the list, just the ethernet port. I tried the adapter in different slots rebooted a few times until it was on the list in network services. It was not configured, si I went through the options and just selected DHPC (forgive me if the acronym isn’t 100%correct) clicked next clicked scan/search, it didn’t find the router but allowed me to enter the encryption key. clicked next and got a message telling me I needed ‘iw’ and insert the opensuse install disc #1.

I’ve been through this nightmare before…it ends with me downloading ‘iw’ onto everything I can think of and trying to get the system to take it in…

It looks like I’m going to have to take the computer to the router and try cable connection like you said…Our hallway is a very cold and lonely place…

Any suggestions to avoid this will be greatly appreciated… thanks Jon

It looks like I’m going to have to take the computer to the router and try cable connection like you said…Our hallway is a very cold and lonely place…

Any suggestions to avoid this will be greatly appreciated… thanks Jon

It looks like that is the most pragmatic option… and maybe a long ethernet cable so that you can be comfortable somewhere. I’m not right accross this whole thread but it does reek of an incomplete install.

[QUOTE=deano_ferrari;2774457 but it does reek of an incomplete install.[/QUOTE]

I think you are right and also I don’t trust this old computer any more, …I’m going to ditch the brick and use a better one that I have and start all over with leap 42.1 and an ethernet connection on install.

Thank you all for your help and your time, I’m sure i’ll be back to pick your brains again…soon kind regards, Jon {:@)