Networkmanager fails

I installed 12.1RC1/KDE from live-cd on my old ibm-laptop t23 with Pentium III and 768MB RAM.
So far stable and good working.
Problem is the NetworkManager; I use an UMTS-Stick to connect to internet. The stick will be recognized and installed with “manage connections” after left-click to the telefon-icon in the task-list and is ready for use. The thing is, after having no traffic for around 10 minutes, the connection will be interrupted, the telefon-icon changes to a red X. Left-Click on it shows no more entrance for Mobile Broadband.
The only possibility to make it work again is a to take off the stick from the system and connect it again with the system, then the entrance for Mobile Broadband is there again and available to connect

Any experience with this?


You posted this twice within two minutes. I removed the other one.

BTW welcome to the Forums. And I hope you will get a post more directed to solving your problem then this one, soon.

Thank you Henk, i tried to edit the title of my first post, but this was not possible,so I send it oncemore…

One more stuff with networkmanager: I marked “automatic connection”, this works fine in opensuse11.3; by booting the system, the modem will be at start connected.
This doesn´ t work in 12.1RC1, even marked in “managing connections”
I´ m running my systems with opensuse since 10.1, at this time I used kinternet to dial in, even a little problematic.
Since 11.1 I use networkmanager, actually the networkmanager-plasmoid, , has it gone worse?


with rc2 networkmanager doesn´ t disconnect anymore
auto-login still will not be done