NetworkManager Disconnecting

Tumbleweed with Gnome. When using NetworkManager to manage wireless connections it disconnects every few minutes with a message asking me to re-enter the network password. Changing over to Wicked seems to have fixed this problem.

I saw the exact same behavior on Fedora but not on Slackware. This leads me to think that it either has something to do with Gnome or with systemd, I’m not sure. On Slackware I ran XFCE4 and of course no systemd, so there are two variables different between that Fedora and Tumbleweed.

As it seems to be working fine with Wicked it’s all good now, but I am very curious as to exactly what is going on with NetworkManager, Gnome, and/or systemd that causes this annoying behavior. As I am not very familiar with how systemd does things I am not sure how to go about figuring this out, or if it’s even worth taking the time as it’s working with Wicked.