NetWorkManager configuration in Yast; is this SUSE newbie doing it right?

Here’s my current set-up in Yast, for a single desktop computer, not in a network and not used as a server:

System → Network Settings → Global Options → General Network Settings → NetworkManager Service (instead of Wicked Service)

System → Services Manager → NetworkManager → now set to Enabled

Software → Software Management → NetworkManager-openvpn install

Does this about sound right?

When I first installed Tumbleweed, I enabled NetworkManager in Services Manager without knowing enough to change from Wicked to NetworkManager in Network Settings, and thus assume that I had both Wicked and NetworkManager running at the same time. I want to set up my desktop properly, and hope someone will tell me if I’m missing something/have something wrong.

(I know how to configure my VPN with NetworkManager, and couldn’t figure out how to do so in Network Services → VPN Gateway and Clients . That’s one argument for me to stick with NetworkManager, at least for me.)

I think I can answer my own question:

Sorry, folks; I should have hunted harder for an answer before posting.