Network unreachable after installing openSUSE 12.3 on Dell Optiplex 9010

I have a Dell Optiplex 9010 with Intel i7-3770 Processor with Intel Integrated Graphics (HD4000), that was delivered with Win 7. I installed openSUSE 12.3, but have no network connectivity, for instance a “ping” returns “connect: Network is unreachable.” There was no problem under Win 7, so I presume not a hardware issue. I did a fresh install, with no change in outcome.

The discussion at

hints at the possibility I may need to download a driver. Can anyone confirm this is the case, and which driver? I shall have to do the download on another machine (running openSUSE 11.4). Thanks, John

Kinfocenter identifies (Device Information, PCI) Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection. John

AFAIK you shouldn’t need an additional driver for that.

But there’s a bug in openSUSE 12.3 that it may require a reboot first for the network to work:

If you already have rebooted and the network still doesn’t work, enter YaST->Network->Network Settings and switch to “Traditional Method with ifup” on the “Global Options” tab. If that’s already the case, switch to “User Controlled with NetworkManager” first, click “OK” and enter it again to switch back to Traditional.

Also check that DHCP is active (select your network card and click on “Edit”, on the “Address” tab the IP address should be set to “Dynamic Address assigned via DHCP”).

Or you could also try to use NetworkManager if you want to. You should then get an icon in the system tray showing the network status and allowing to connect/disconnect and setup new connections.

But the important thing is, that you change that setting there at least once.

Thank you wolfi323… that did it. John.