Network service freezed

a moment ago, my network manager failed to open. I run: service network restart, the command hangs. Then I restart my PC, everything becomes normal. This case is usual. Is there any way avoiding reboot to make my network work.


You should get used to using systemd commands instead of legacy commands,
Although legacy commands in most cases should still work, there is no guarantee moving forward.

When you run a the systemd command, it’s also possible to display the “status” which will display a large amount of useful information and if the command failed for some reason automatically include a log snippet likely relevant to your problem.

To restart (you can also stop|start) the network service which should also restart dependencies like the network manager app if that is enabled,

systemctl restart network

And, you can display the status of any systemd app or service with the following command

systemctl status network

Note in the above, I didn’t type the full service name, if the name that is typed is unique enough, it should automatically execute the Unit file (the configuration file for the systemd app/service).