Network printer works only partially

Since I upgraded from 13.2 to leap 42.2 my network printer Samsung CLP415 only works with some programs.
It is connected via LAN. I can print with Acrobat Reader and Ocular (all pdf) and with the lpr command.
And I can send a testpage with CUPS.
All other programs like Thunderbird, Firefox or Libreoffice don’t even create a print job in CUPS.
If I like to print with these programs I have to print into a pdf file.
I configured the printer with Yast and with CUPS as ipp://192.168.xx.xx (this worked with OpenSuse 13.2 very well)
Even though I can see the printer in every printer dialogue in Libreoffice it tells me the printer is not configured. The other programs don’t even bring a message.

Is there any idea for this strange behaviour?
Any help is welcome,

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. This reads like a possible printer driver issue, (or perhaps one of the underlying supporting libraries). Which driver are you using?

This might help with determining that…

egrep "Model|Name|Filter" /etc/cups/ppd/*

Thank you for the fast response.
The driver I use is:

# egrep "Model|Name|Filter" /etc/cups/ppd/*
*PCFileName: "CLP410.ppd"
*ModelName: "Samsung CLP-410 Series"
*ShortNickName: "CLP-410"
*NickName: "Samsung CLP-410 Series PS"
*ColorMode False/Grayscale:  "<</ProcessColorModel /DeviceGray>> setpagedevice"
*ColorMode True/Color:       "<</ProcessColorModel /DeviceCMYK>> setpagedevice"

Okay, so you’re using the Samsung Universal Print Driver? (FWIW, CUPS also offers a foomatic driver for this model.)

Anyway, I assume you initially installed using the following steps?

When you upgraded, did you fo through the process of running the installer again?

No, I never installed the driver from Samsung.
I only used the one from Opensuse / CUPS and there is no foomatic for this CLP 410 Series in my CUPS list of printer driver.

Well I’m not sure where that PPD came from then, but it does seem to match one I found online pertaining to the Samsung universal driver.Anyway if you want to try using this driver, download and install from here…
*You’ll need to unpack the tarball and run the installer included.

The site has a page for this model suggesting two open-source drivers are available to choose from (splix and foo2qpdl)

The splix driver package can be found here

Instructions for installing the foo2qpdl driver

After installing either of these, you’ll need to reconfigure CUPS to use the chosen driver.

Thank you deano_ferrari,

I will try the suggested drivers and answer when I have success or not.

Now I tested all versions of printer drivers.

The drivers from and openprinting seem to be all the same as the original driver in CUPS. They all show the same behaviour.
Splix and foo2qpdl don’t provide driver for the CLP-410 series printer.

Is there any more idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you so far for your help

Splix and foo2qpdl don’t provide driver for the CLP-410 series printer.

My apologies. I got mixed up with the models here. So, your choices are the postscript driver (included by default), or the Samsung Unified Linux driver.

Report back with

lpstat -t

this I get from

> lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: Samsung_CLP415
device for Samsung_CLP415: socket://192.168.xx.xx
Samsung_CLP415 accepting requests since Do 30 Mär 2017 20:49:13 CEST
printer Samsung_CLP415 is idle.  enabled since Do 30 Mär 2017 20:49:13 CEST

I changed it from IPP: to socket: but there is no difference.

Based on your opening post, it seems that only GTK-based apps (TB, FF, and LO) are impacted… perhaps due to a regression with GTK itself? That might take a bug report to resolve. There are some good CUPS debugging pages around if you want to try and dig deeper.