network printer sharing + hacks!


here we have 2 networks, a wireless(invalid IP) and wired (valid IPs). a HP 5200 LaserJet is connected to wired and we can print from all wired computers to the printer. what i want to do is printing wirelessly.

i have 2 ideas:

  1. to connect to printer from wireless (which seems to be impossible!)

  2. to “share” the printer on one local wired computer (i have root access to that) and “pipe” the printing from laptop to PC, then to printer.

any suggestions?!

What do you mean by ‘valid and invalid’ ip addresses?
To be able to connect to the wireless network of the printer, your wirless card has to have an ip address in the same range ans the printer’s wirless network.
You usually use the same range of network addresses for both wireless nad wired networks, but use some kind of validation and encryption to protect the wireless net from intruders.
If the 2 networks are separate, tou will have to add a router/gateway between the 2 networks.

the printer does not have a wireless adapter. it is connected to LAN by wire. our wireless network (which is WPA protected) consists of a access point which is connected to wired network. i don’t want to buy a new infrastructure.

what i’ve done till now:

i created a php script within a HTML page and made one of our PCs a apache server. there a user can insert a password and upload his file and get prints.

but i want to install the printer over the wireless network.

by valid and invalid IP i mean PC’s IP address is really on the internet, even you can ping it from your country. (it’s in form of 194.224.sth.sth) but our laptops have an IP address of 192.168.sth.sth which is local. just to communicate with the access point.

Does this mean that your printer also has a public IP address? Please give it to me. I’ll give you my snail mail address so you can send me the printouts. :wink:

The wireless networked PCs have access to the internet? So you can set up a network printer with the IP address of the printer. Just the same as the setup of any network printer. So do the same what you did on the wired machines.