network printer Canon imagerunner c1030if

I’m trying to set up this printer on a network. I added the printer using the connection wizard. and selected the TCP Port, entered a IP and port. When I test the port, it returns OK. When I select a canon printer (imagerunner 2016i which works in mint 11), the wizard finishes, but does nothing. When I print something, it disappears very quickly from the queue. Since this driver works for mint 11, I can’t see what I’m doing wrong in opensuse 12.1 KDE.

  1. I note from this Canon site

Canon Malaysia - Support & Downloads

that they have a driver for the (imageRUNNER ADVANCE series)


Try downloading and installing the Canon UFR II/UFR II LT Printer driver (as opposed to the open source foomatic drivers). You’ll need to extract the files contained within the tarball, before installing.

Once you have the required packages installed, then configure via the CUPS web interface. The exact model should now be available to choose from.

  1. As a quick and alternative means to get a functioning printer, I note that this device supports Postscript 3 emulation, so you may want to try the ‘generic postscript driver’ instead. Configure via your browser


Add Printer >> Choose LPD/LPR >> …

Follow the prompts given. When you get to make selection, choose ‘Postscript’. When finished, try a test print.

Sorry, somehow I managed to confuse myself about the Canon model. However this Ubuntu post suggests that the UFRII/UFRII LT printer driver DOES support the iR C1028/C1030 variants. FWIW, I’d still consider trying it.

Thanks. I used the LPD option, and was able to print with the 1023i driver (which is probably wrong driver, but at least I can get printout).

Glad to hear you’re up and running. If the the driver for a similar model supports your printer ok, that will be useful to others to know as well. :slight_smile: