network monitor for gnome

it has been a long time since i used gnome.i was looking for a network monitor tool and was not able to find it.can some one tell me where to find it.i have a pppoe connection and i want the details like the up and down speed and the uploaded and downloaded data.i used knemo in kde which was just fine for me but i am unable to find something similar for gnome.
also is there any other dsl connection dialing tool like kinternet for gnome??

I use gkrellm along with hddtemp to monitor.

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thanks for the tip.
i tried an old trick and it worked fine.
there is a small script that i added to the startup

sleep 10
dcop kded kded loadModule knemod

this will start knemo when ever i connect.

Have you tried gnome-system-monitor? I like it more than gkrellm personally.