network card - disk image


I’m working with OpenSuSE 10.3.
When I create a disk image (using partimage) and place this disk in the original computer everything seems to be ok.
When I place the disk in another computer (same model) the network card is not recognized. I see the old card with the configuration (but not recognized) and a new card, which is not configured.
I guess, this is due to the MAC-Address.
Is there a possibility to create the disk image in a way, that the network configuration simply works after putting the disk in a computer which is the same model?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English, I hope I made my point clear.

You should have a close look at this file:


For creating an image, which will not give you this little problem, exclude this file from the image.

Thank you for the quick answer.

I tried it, but somehow I cant get it to work.
Is it possible that scpm restores something, it shouldn’t?
I have two profiles for scpm on this computer.

I started rescue-cd, mounted hard disk and deleted the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. Then I booted from this hard disk. Or was this to naive?



As 70-persistent-net.rules is created automatically on boot (if it does not exist), this is the way it must work to get rid of such problems with changing device names caused by different MAC-adresse on different machines.

So either you made a mistake or the problem is somewhere else, impossible to say without more information on your harware/Network setup.

SCPM does not store that file by default, so as long as you did not tell him to do so, SCPM is also not the cause.

To be sure, look at the stored files in your scpm-profiles.

Thanks again for the prompt answer.
And you were right - I made a mistake (of course).

Now everything works.