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This may not be the right place to post this but I tried NeroLinux 3.0 and found it be an excellent program. I hope they will add it to SUSE somehow. But I know it costs and isn’t free. I really like the ripper part. It works fast and does and very well.

No need for it. k3b does just fine.

Ah, but, unless I’m mistaken, both K3b’s still have a problem when trying to rip Dvd’s because of Transcode. And the KDE4 K3b still can’t burn from .mp3 files.

There is still no need for Nero though. There are plenty of open source dvd tools available. kde4-k3b is work in progress admittedly but it does not argue for paying for and using Nero. It would be interesting to see a poll started on this.

Indeed there are a lot of great tools out there. Nero did everything I asked of it on my Windows side. No need for CLI’s or having to worry about what codecs or formats to use. It’s a great product for those who want it to “just work”.

When I first started out with linux, K3b and dvd-ripping still worked and I thought “How could something FREE be better than the one that I paid for?!”. But as it is now, KDE4-K3b is still a work in progress and the KDE3 version can’t rip dvd’s. I use my windows Xp in VirtualBox with Nero for my DVD ripping right now.

I agree there isn’t a NEED for Nero but if you’ve already paid for it, it’s a good tool to have until K3b is fully functional again.

Ian, that’s kinda crazy. No offense. With so many ripping tools available in Linux I can’t figure that out, especially as you will get much better performance from the Host machine. I never really rip dvd’s as such, I have no need. I do make copies sometimes just for backup, usually k9copy is nice and quick. But dvd::rip will handle the job or mplayer dumpstream if you like CLI. There is a whole stack of stuff in Packman.

Haha none taken ;). Yeah I suppose it is (Perhaps I’m just stubborn because I bought Nero for Vista right before I started with Linux on my laptop. And I would really hate to have to reboot just to rip a DVD). But I rip from DVD’s so I can store all my movies on my PS3 in a format that it can play. I’m not much of a CLI kind of guy.

I was able to successfully use K9Copy (just tried it) but I recall the first time I tried it, it wouldn’t save any of my settings for choosing how to encode the file. I don’t have any problems now. I’m also using the KDE3 version now. I used the KDE4 version last time.

I just think it was nice when K3b was working correctly because it was an all-in-one solution.

Oh well, Thanks caf for peaking my interest in K9copy again. Otherwise I would not have known it works for me now (It’s also down to saying it’s only going to take 22 minutes total;)).


Well Ian I do find k9copy pretty quick. I see you are braving the kde4.3 repo?! I went with 4.2 early on but I’m just not in the mood for too much trouble at the moment. From what I read it seems reasonably OK and I guess it’s no big deal to resolve issues that arise but I’m waiting a bit for now. You are doing some good work in the Forum too which is appreciated;)

Yes, yes I am. I have all three computers in my home running openSUSE 11.1 KDE 4.3 (A Dell Desktop, Dell Laptop, and homemade Desktop in my sig). Haven’t had any problems so far for my everyday computing needs. Of course I use Compiz-Fusion for my Window Manager so I’m unaffected by some of the bugs in the kickoff menu. Everything else is working great.

I’m just glad I can help sometimes. I may not always have the right answer but I’ll try to help people troubleshoot from my knowledge so far. Thanks for noticing though :slight_smile:


The think that’s exciting about this product is that the Nero ppl feel it’s time to write software for Linux.

Now that’s a positive way to look at it John. I do agree there.

I will have to slightly disagree with you. Nero Linux is the only complete tool for ripping/burning Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Something k3b still can’t do

The big question is, can nero linux rip dvds that are encrypted? I think k3b and other linux ripers can use the libdvdcss to do this. Not sure about nero…

I should have added I also use K3B to burn MP3’s and I use RipperX but I have found that Nero is faster at ripping than anything I have tried so far. But of course it’s not free like other Linux software.

A poll would be interesting.

swerdna wrote:

> The think that’s exciting about this product is that the Nero ppl feel
> it’s time to write software for Linux.
In the past I was beta testing NERO (Windows Version) and asked them if
they had any plans for a open Linux version. The answer was NO. That may
have changed, but I have no seen a free version.

openSUSE 11.1 ( x86_64) KDE 4.2 release 106, Intel
DX48BT2 Core 2 Dual E7200. 4 GB DDR III GeForce 8400 GS, 320GB Disc

I don’t want to see a free version. Open source for me. But it is great that Linux is being recognised as a real player on the OS stage by big companies.

I personally use K3B or Brasero, Brasero more or less as its gotten a lot better recently I used to hate it.