Nero for Linux

I installed Nero for Linux because I like the ripping features better than Ripper X (faster). When I started the program it could not find any of my CD/DVD drives. I logged in as root and started Nero again. In root Nero read my CD/DVD drives and I was able to use it. I made a short-cut for Nero on my root desktop and copied it my home folder desktop. I logged back as user (me) and started the short-cut. Nero now can find my CD/DVD drives. I know this is a work-a-round but it works. How can I get Nero to find my CD/DVD drives without using this work-a-round? I tried somethings with YAST but I still didn’t Nero to find my CD/DVD drives. I guess work-a-rounds are better than nothing.:\


I’ve had some problems with it also about not picking up the burner… the problem as far as I could see it was that you need +r+w permissions on /dev/sg0 (in my case). What I’ve done was hack rc.local or your local init script and add “chmod o+r+w /dev/sg0”. That way nero will always see you drive.

That’s how I hammered it for Nero.

i think most folks just add themselves to the CDROM (or maybe it is
DVD) group…

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Thanks. I will try both of this ideas tonight.

From Nero support page[1] you can pretty much download a nice manual[2] which provides all the information you need to solve your problem and might help you identifying your drive (it does even have special entries for SUSE).

I would recommend pages 43 to 48. The solution is there. (It does apply to Nero4 as well, despite the manual being for Nero3).

[1] - Nero - Nero Linux 4 - FAQ
[2] - Nero - Support - Nero Linux 3 - Manuals

Thanks for all the help. I got it work with the hack.:slight_smile: